The MR Industry Works its Worry Beads
The Latest Thinking on Panel Quality

“The Skills Breakthrough”

There is a really interesting article in the December issue of Research World co-authored by "holistic" research guru DVL Smith.  In it he sets out the five skills we need to train into our staffs for them to be able to deliver the actionable research required in today's MR environment.    The five are:

  1. The ability to integrate different forms of market intelligence evidence into an overall picture of the  consumer
  2. The knowledge to interpret "imperfect" evidence
  3. The ability to identify, value, and prioritize potent customer insights
  4. Being able to frame the choices for decision-makers
  5. Helping to make sure things happen

This is a tall order because it's a pretty substantial change from what people are taught both in academic survey research programs, even those with a strong MR focus.