How Much Does It Hurt?
The Trade-off on Trade-offs


I recently saw an interesting report on a survey of "MR Professionals" by MarketResearchCareers.  I can't judge the validity of the survey because it costs money to see it, but for what it's worth here are its lead findings:

  • About one-third of US MR suppliers are offshoring work.
  • Of these 55 percent were satisfied with the experience.
  • Another 27% were not satisfied.
  • Just 54 percent believe that offshoring helps to control costs.
  • 44 percent believe offshoring erodes quality.

I find the last two bullets to be especially interesting.  It's clear that there are still a substantial number of people in the business who have not yet figured this out.  But they had better figure it out soon because whether we like it or not our future will have more offshoring, not less.