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Some changes to The Survey Geek

I've made a few changes over the last few months that I want to bring to your attention:

  1. A while back I added a list of related sites where readers might find other stuff of interest.  There is a mouse over function that displays a short explanation of why the site might be useful.
  2. I have replaced that boring old Web 1.0 category list on the left with a trendy Web 2.0 cloud in which the font size represents the number of posts in that category.
  3. I've just added a search bar on the upper right side.  This is quite cool in that you can search the archives as well as current posts.  On the search report page you will see tabs for the blog search as well as "network" and "Web."  The former refers to hits on one of the sites in the "related sites" list and the latter to the whole Web.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as I had hoped and sometimes does not bring you to the exact post you are looking for.  You may need to do a text search on the page to get to the right search item.

Hopefully loyal readers--few as  you are--will find these useful.