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Does the offline population matter?

A recommendation

One of the links over there on the right is to where usability guru Jakob Nielsen regularly holds forth on usability issues of all kinds. You can sign up to get regular email alerts to his Alert Box feature and it's one of these recent  alerts that caused me to write this post.  At issue is his evaluation of three newsletters from the major UK political parties.  I frankly don't care much about UK politics but I had a look because I thought it might have some useful tips I could use in email survey solicitations and login pages.  But it turns out that his post is full of all sorts of interesting things including effective use of Twitter and social network site design.  There is a lot being written in MR these days about engagement and good design.  Nielsen has been worrying about these issues for a decade and his research has yielded many insights with applicability in MR.  It's worth signing up for his alerts and keeping an eye on what he's up to.