Mastery, Mystery, and Misery

Are we there yet?

The August issue of Inside Research has one of their periodic reports from their Buyer's Roundtable. The August topic: Will Listening Trump Asking? The answer seems to lie somewhere between 'Maybe Someday' and 'Probably Not.'  Since this is a qual group of N=25 I'll go right to some verbatims:

"The nature of the data does not easily lend itself to in-depth insightful analysis . . ."

". . . it needs to be integrated with more traditional MR approaches and metrics."

"Fairly crude analyses and sentiment ratings are better, but still somewhat judgmental."

". . .the closer you get to it, the more you see the limits of social media as a decision-making tool."

"Our tracking continues to show that those voices are anything but typical."

"The only reason that some of the data is worthwhile is the low cost."

"Social media though has been critical in a crisis like the pet food contamination story. . ."

"Some of the monitoring tools are scary powerful, but still primitive from a marketer's perspective. . ."

"I do think this is a case of ignore at your own peril, but I don't think the industry has the right solution yet."

Of course, if my dogs could talk they might see it differently.