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AAPOR catches the wave

I’ve been going to the AAPOR Annual Conference for more years than I can count.  The last several have been like trips back in time.  While web survey design was often discussed the the new and rapidly-evolving methodologies that occupy MR conferences were seldom acknowledged in any meaningful way.  Or, if acknowledged hardly welcomed.   But this conference was dramatically different.  There were five sessions on mobile, another four on various aspects of social media and three sessions on non-probability sampling including a plenary noticeably absent the fireworks that have accompanied similar discussions in years past.  There was even a session on gamification!

I think this is a really important development.  As new methods move front and center with this group of researchers we can expect our understanding of them to deepen and the methods themselves to become more robust.  Kudos to conference chair Dan Merkle for a job well done.